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What is a “green” burial?

“Green” burial provides an alternative to conventional burial that is more in harmony with nature and with landscape. “Green” burial does not release carbon dioxide and pollutants into the atmosphere as cremation does, nor does it involve bulky headstones, embalming fluids and hardwood coffins which can cause damage to the environment. “Green” burial sites do not have concrete paths and close mown grass on “sterile” land locked up in perpetuity.

A “green” burial site, when it has reached its capacity, can become a woodland, wildflower meadow, nature reserve or picnic site. “Green” burial is not just a return to the soil — it is a return to nature.

The long term plan for the Fevin site at Westcombe site is to create a nature reserve within the living, working rural environment. This will be available not just to the present generation, but to those of the future as well.

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