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Donate to help us keep this place special

There are several ways in which you can help


The site is run on a minimal budget with much of the work carried out on a voluntary basis. Our only sources of income are the sale of burial plots, interment of ashes and donations.

The bulk of income to the trust is invested  so that there will be a fund to support the ongoing maintenance of the site as a Nature Reserve once the burial ground is full. We are always extremely grateful for any donations.

Cash donations

We are currently planting a small orchard of local variety cider apple trees. Orchards were once a widespread and ecologically important feature of the Somerset landscape. A huge proportion have been grubbed up. Our contribution to restoring this habitat will be small but every little helps. We plan to plant half a dozen trees a year. You can add a tree to our orchard or, if this doesn't appeal, discuss other tree planting options with the trust.

Tree Planting
Memorial plaques

You can purchase a memorial plaque to be placed on the board at the entrance to the burial field and make a donation to the trust

Get involved

Occasionally we will arrange to get together to carry out maintenance at the site. This might be hedge trimming, grass strimming or bramble cutting ........

If you are interested in helping please contact the trust.

To make a donation or discuss any of these options please contact the trust
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