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Managing The Reserve

The site extends to around 12 acres and includes some established copse, newer tree plantings and two meadows in addition to the burial field. The land is 'unimproved' and species rich and the aim of the trust is to keep it that way. In summer the meadows are buzzing with insects. There are Early purple , Common spotted and Pyramidal Orchids, Cowslips and Primroses in the spring, butterflies and bumblebees galore, badgers, foxes, hares, slow worms and glow worms.

Meadows are cut for hay once a year after the wildflowers have seeded and the hedges are trimmed as little as possible. The burial field is cut once a year. The area over the graves constitutes rough grassland - untidy to some but excellent habitat for small mammals.

For more wildlife details see 'Nature Notes'

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