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Updated November 2023

Single Burial Plot

(including a blue lias number stone)


Grave digging if arranged by the trust


Burial of Ashes


(There is currently no charge for digging a plot for ashes as this is carried out by a volunteer. You are invited to make a donation of your choice in addition to the cost of the plot)

Scattering of Ashes

We do not charge for the scattering of ashes. We ask for a donation of your choice. Contact the trust to make arrangements.

Memorial plaques and Trees

Prices vary according to requirements. Our current policy is to charge only what it costs us and invite you to make a donation of your choice in addition. Contact the trust to discuss your requirements.

Payment options

Payments can be made by cheque or bank transfer. If you are employing a funeral director payment will normally come through them.

We are unable to accept card payments.

Please note, plots cannot be booked in advance and we cannot accept prepayments.

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