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Grave Markers and Memorials


Because we wish to retain the natural visual character of the site, and because the burial field will need to be mown, we do not allow upright grave markers. Burials are numbered in chronological order and the trust places a numbered stone at the head of each plot so that it is easy to locate an individual grave. The graves are not necessarily in order on the ground.

The trust also measures and records plot co-ordinates from datum points within the field and these are recorded with the register of burials and plot numbers. If you wish to locate a particular grave please refer to the register of burials and plan or contact the trust.

The burial field

We do allow flat markers to be place on graves if family/friends wish to do so, although many prefer not to. These can bear whatever inscription family/friends feel is appropriate, must be of wood or natural stone and not exceed 30cm (12") in any direction. Markers must be placed flat, sunk to the level of the soil to facilitate mowing. The trust does not supply individual markers and cannot be held responsible for anything placed on the grave. Please bear in mind that mowing could cause damage to a raised marker and animals can move objects. Appropriate wild flowers may be planted on graves but the trust does not guarantee that these will survive. It is also possible that the grave will need to be topped up if it sinks. This can destroy any plantings. Non native plants and flowers must not be planted.

marker stones are sunk into the ground
Memorials and Trees

Many wish to place a visible memorial of some sort within the site. It is possible to have a brass plaque added to the board at the entrance to the burial field. Please contact the trust about this rather than adding your own plaque. It is also possible to contribute to the trust's tree planting project. Again, to discuss this please contact the trust.

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