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More Birding notes July 2010

Highlights during the three visits during the breeding-season between April & June. Common Buzzards were noted in display over the reserve and are probably breeding in the woodland to the north of the large meadow. A Red Kite drifted high over the reserve towards Somerton Moor (see picture) on June 20th, there are a few wandering individuals around in the County at the moment. Two Wood Pigeon nests were found in the copse at the end of the burial ground both containing two eggs. A Cuckoo calling to the north of the reserve on May 14th briefly touched reserve airspace as it flew over, while both Green and Great Spotted Woodpeckers were heard calling. Wrens, Robins and Blackbirds have all bred successfully within the reserve and a Song Thrush carrying food on June 20th was a nice sight ,it flew towards the bungalow copse. Three male Chiffchaffs have held territory during the Spring, and a pair of Common Whitethroats were busy feeding near fledged young by the Oak where the two meadows join on June 20th. Pretty sure I heard a Spotted Flycatcher call on May 14th but have failed to locate one yet, also two male Blackcaps are holding territory within the reserve. Family parties of Blue Tit, Great Tit, Nuthatch and Bullfinch were all seen in hedgerows around the reserve on June 20th but all may have travelled from the nearby woods rather than having bred within the reserve. The small Rookery by the gate produced plenty of youngsters and a pair of Carrion Crows were feeding young in one of the reserve oaks on May 14th

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